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Project Synthesis works to bring great ideas to life.

We are an ideas consultancy working with organisations and individuals to create action and change out of ideas and inspiration. We do this through our synthesis process.

The Synthesis Process supports collaboration and conversation across projects, with organisations, in communities and through the ongoing development of relationships with our clients.

We are interested in the doing, in getting things done.

We use all the tools at our disposal, but we specialise in digital tools.


Our {Synthesis} Philosophy

Every time we find ourselves in new experience, confronted with change or engaging with new people the neurons in our brain shift, change, connect and synthesis to create a new pathway for ideas to follow.

It is at this point of engagement that excites us at Project Synthesis.

The point where ideas synthesis.

We work with organisations like social startups, green businesses, community services, schools, corporations, not-for-profits and political campaigns because they all have ideas that need to be followed through and brought to life.



Our Process


Conversation: We need to talk about the idea, get excited about it and enthused about the blue sky potential. We need to share food and share our thoughts. We do this face-to-face, in facilitated and un-facilitated ways, using online tools and community spaces.


Collaboration: We have to work together. We have to bring together others who will get excited by the conversation and bring their skills and experience to the idea. They will change the idea. They will make it better. They help improve us. Improve the idea. Improve the outcome.


Creation: We need to do. We need to at some point stop talking. Stop planning. And start creating. We need to make mistakes along the way and learn from them



Our Team

  • Daniel Donahoo
    Director & Producer
    L I W
  • Sayraphim Lothian
    Associate & Public Artist
    L W
  • Jess McCulloch
    Associate & Writer
    L I W
  • Mark Gilliland
    Associate & Design
    L I W
  • Craig Peebles
    Associate & iOS Developer
    L I W


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